Fatih TAN

Software Engineer

I was born in 1992 in Adana, Turkey. After graduating from primary and high school in Adana, I enrolled to the Software Engineering Department of Bahçeşehir University in 2012 located in Beşiktaş, İstanbul. Along with software engineering, I also enrolled in the "Optimization" minor program of Industrial Engineering in Bahçeşehir University.

My interest in software development started in high school. I took C Programming class in those years. The first programming language I learned was C, which was a great advantage. Thanks to the syntax and semantic similarities of the languages developed with C, I learned JAVA and C# languages easily and I still continue to learn. Apart from JAVA and C# languages, I work with Python, C/C++, MQL 4, MQL 5 languages.

I have worked professionally in various institutions since my second year of university. I had the opportunity to experience different software technologies in every institution I worked for. I am currently working as a Software Engineer Team Lead in a company that produces legal software solutions.

Fatih Tan Hakkında | Software Engineer

Working Experiences

  • Tacirler Investment Securities Inc.
  • BİMSA International Business, Information and Management Systems Inc.
  • Vektor Telekom Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management
  • BUZEB | Bahçeşehir University Distance Education Unit
  • CicekSepeti.com
  • CodeLineX Software and Consultancy Inc.
  • Dixie7 Software and Consultancy
  • Partner İstanbul Software Inc.
  • BA Legal Software and Consultancy Inc.

Software Technologies I Use

I develop mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms, especially web software. I am working on investment robots on Algorithmic Trading.


The chronological order of the web technologies I have used so far is as follows;

  • JSP
  • JSF
  • PHP
  • ASP.NET Web Form
  • Python Django
  • ASP.NET .Core MVC
  • Java Maven and Spring

I have worked on 60+ projects with Python, ASP.NET Web Form and ASP.NET MVC.

Mobile App

I have worked on mobile application development with Swift on iOS and JAVA on Android. The mobile applications I have developed, which are currently live and available to everyone;

Web Service

The Web Service technology that I also use in the mobile applications I develop is ASP.NET MVC Web API 2. RestFUL service, and it has an oAuth 2.0 authentication module. I also carried out Web Service studies with Python, JAVA and PHP languages.


Like every Junior Developer, I developed desktop applications using .NET Windows Form Application first. I also gained desktop application development experience using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), JAVA Swing, JAVA FX, Python Tkinter technologies.